Alaska-rolls Sushi

Alaska-rolls Sushi

Alaska roll is one of the most recognized and easy-to-make sushi recipes to learn. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to make one, this guide is just for you.

What is Alaska-rolls

Alaska Roll, sometimes known as an Alaskan roll, is a type of inside-out sushi roll prepared with smoked, raw, or canned salmon and imitation crab as the two main ingredients. Avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo sauce are also included in the Alaska roll ingredients for added flavor. The Alaska sushi roll contains two easily accessible meats.

Learn to Make Alaska Roll – Step by Step Guide

If you want to make a great sushi recipe for your friends and family, then you can’t go wrong with the Alaska roll. This tasty treat of crab, salmon, and avocado can be used as an appetizer or dinner to impress and meet the taste requirements of everyone.

And in this article, we will break down everything that you will need to know to make the perfect Alaska Roll. So without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Making Alaska Roll: Step-by-step Breakdown

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to make the perfect Alaska sushi roll, all by yourself –

Step 1 – Getting the Ingredients

Figuring out the ingredients for the dish is the first requirement to any cooking process, and the same principle applies to making Alaska rolls as well. The ingredients that you will need to make an Alaska roll are –

•          Sushi Rice

The first and the most important ingredient for an Alaska roll is sushi rice. You have the option to make your rice at home, but you can always pick up sushi rice from your nearest convenience store.

Some sushi rice that we recommend for Alaska rolls is Botan Calrose Rice, Premium Grade Sushi Rice from Nishiki & Lundberg Organic Sushi Rice.

You can also check out local Japanese stores for authentic homemade sushi rice if you plan on going all out with your Alaska roll.

•          Nori Sheets or Seaweed Paper

You can’t imagine sushi without seaweed papers, and nori seaweed papers or sheets can be found in any general store, just look for them in the Asian section.

But if you want a bit more style and flavor in your seaweed sheets, then you can always opt for online purchases. A large variety of nori seaweeds are available in online marketplaces.

•          Salmon Filet

For Alaska roll sushi, a salmon filet is a must. Keep in mind that the salmon filet should be sushi-grade. Otherwise, it will stick out like a sore thumb and will also affect the taste balance for the Alaska roll.

You can find sushi-grade salmon filets directly from various sushi restaurants. Getting them from local stores is also an option but aren’t the best if you are going for perfection.

The best option if you plan on making the perfect Alaska sushi roll is to make the salmon filet by yourself. The process can seem a bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it won’t be a challenge.

•          Alaskan Crab or Imitation

While the salmon fillet works as the outer layer, the core component of the Alaska roll is definitely the Alaskan crab. You can find fresh crabs from the harbor and fish market.

One can always opt for online options. Just make sure that the Alaskan crab is fresh or properly brined before you start cooking.

•          Cucumber & Avocado

For additional sides, there are no better options than these two. Cucumbers and avocados are available in any local store or online platform. That being said, you should make sure that the components are fresh.

•          Sriracha

If you plan on making sushi, then it will be an injustice to not include sriracha as sauce. As it is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine, you will find sriracha in most general stores that have a Japanese or Asian section.

But if you aren’t able to find any locally, you can opt for online services from Amazon, Craiglist, Walmart, and more.

•          Additional Ingredients

Extra ingredients that you can include in your Alaska rolls are –

•             Mayonnaise

•             Pickled Ginger

•             Wasabi

•             Black & White Sesame Seeds

•             Different types of sauce

Step 2 – Making the Sushi Rice

After getting all the ingredients, the first thing that you will need to do is to rinse the sushi rice. Put the rice in a mesh strainer, and wash it with water to remove the starch.

Afterward, shake off the excess water. Then put the rice in a pot, add water with one tablespoon of salt.

Now, start cooking the rice. A high-pressure setting is preferred in this case. Once cooked, transfer the rice into the rice and spread it evenly.

Add rice vinegar and start folding the rice so that the vinegar can reach every portion of the pot. And your sushi rice will be ready!

Alaska-rolls Sushi

Step 3 – Spicing the Crab

Next, you need to mix the Alaskan crab with your desired seasonings. If you don’t plan on doing anything fancy, then mixing the crab with mayonnaise and a bit of sriracha will do the trick.

But you can go for sweet and savory flavor by adding pickled ginger on the mix. Trust us, it will do wonders for your taste buds.

Step 4 – Making the Sushi Roll

Now that you have all your ingredients ready start off by placing the bamboo sushi mat. Place the nori seaweed sheet on top of it, and then proceed to place the rice on it. For a full piece of nori, one cup of cooked rice is enough. Make sure to spread the rice evenly without smashing them.

Then start placing your salmon filet. Lay the filet slices evenly across half of the surface and flip the nori over. Be extremely careful during this process. Make sure that the salmon side is down and the nori side is up.

Afterward, take 2 or 3 tablespoons of crab, a few slices of cucumber, and avocado, and place them on top of the nori. A common mistake that many make is by placing too many ingredients. Avoid that.

Now grab the side of the bamboo mat and lift the edges over the filling, and start to tuck & roll. Tuck in a manner that no rice is exposed; only nori should be seen over the edges.

Keep tucking until you have covered the entire nori. Afterward, slice the roll-up. It is recommended to cut a roll in 3 equal segments.

And that’s it. This is how you make the perfect Alaska Sushi roll.

Best sauce to use

Spicy mayo, unagi sauce, bang bang sauce, and ginger miso dressing are all excellent choices for Alaska roll sushi sauces. Sriracha and mayonnaise can be used to make spicy mayo. If you want you can try any sauce you think will go well with your taste.

How to make Spicy Mayo

Mix 1/3 cup of mayo with 1tsp of Sriracha to prepare the sauce. Squeeze a little lemon or add a pinch of sugar if you prefer sour or sweetness.

How to make Unagi Sauce

This is also known as eel sauce. It traditionally contains sake, mirin/rice vinegar and soy sauce.

Tips to know

Rice has a sticky texture. So before handling rice, make sure your hands are wet.

Please wait for the rice to cool down first. Don’t become too excited and touch hot rice. You can burn your skin.

Wipe off your knife with a moist paper towel between cuts while slicing your rolls! The roll will come apart if you don’t!


Making the Alaska roll can look difficult at first glance. But if you have come this far, then you now know exactly how to make one. So, best of luck on making the perfect Alaska roll for your friends and family.

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