Unfinished Birch Wood Kitchen Cabinets Home Design Ideas

Unfinished birch wood kitchen cabinets become popular right now. People make their kitchen furniture from some materials; one of them is by using wood. There are many kinds of wood like cherry, oak, hickory, maple, and birch to make their wood kitchen cabinets. Many people only use certain kinds of wood because they do not know about the quality and characteristic of wood which is being used to be installed for their furniture. It makes the result will not be as well as what have been expected for some homeowners or the design will be looked very common because the wood is too common to be used. However, one kind of the wood is not too common to be used as the main material of kitchen cabinets, but it is not because it is not good; people do not know this wood quality much, it is birch wood.

Birch wood is special; it has a different characteristic from other woods. It comes from the grain, type, and color. Birch wood is categorized as the hardwood because it could be got from the broad-leafed trees. As the special color, this wood comes with light colors such as cream and yellow. Therefore, this wood color can lighten the atmosphere around the area, give a good mood for everyone who sees these birch wood kitchen cabinets, and make the kitchen always look warm and awesome. You can also design it with priming birch wood. Moreover, the grain of birch wood is curly and wavy with good shock resistance.

You should not miss the maintenance of birch wood to always have the good look of the birch white kitchen cabinets. You may do it around once a week to clean the dust in the cabinets using a feather duster or soft cloth. You should not use the rough things to clean it because it will make some scratches in the cabinet surface. When it is needed to be extra cleaned, you may use a damp cloth and wipe it to the cabinets. Then, spray the cabinets with a combination of dish soap and warm water. It will always be in a good condition if you clean it frequently.

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There are three kinds of recommended birch cabinets. The first is a cabinet with birch wood; it can be in a deep maroon which the design and the size can be customized. The second is a cabinet with wholesale birch wood; this cabinet create a white elegant look, and it is also friendly with the earth. The last is the European and American style of birch wood kitchen cabinets which come with the modern design of American birch wood cabinet design.

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