Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Simple yet Stylish Design

If you love cooking, the kitchen becomes your favorite room. To make you feel comfortable to cook, you should choose the best room décor for your kitchen. If you like simplicity, you can make a rustic or minimalist kitchen design that is decorated with shaker kitchen cabinets. This kind of cabinet design is simple yet lovely that is invented by Shaker for any other furniture at the 1700s. You need cabinet in your kitchen as the storage of foodstuffs and your cooking utensils. However, it also can be decoration part if you choose a great design for the cabinet.

The characteristics of this cabinet design are minimal details, simple look, straight lines and neat finishing. However, the design still can be combined with any hardware and material choices like stainless steel knob, plastic handles, metallic frames, glass doors, and much more. The combination of two or more materials in one cabinet design will create an attractive look. There are a lot of choices for shaker kitchen cabinets design you can choose. Moreover, the wood as the main material of the cabinet can be fit to any décor themes, include the modern and rustic style. You can choose one that is the fittest to your kitchen décor.

If you choose rustic kitchen décor, you can pick the simpler design for the cabinet. The natural look of wood color in light or dark tones will be matched to the other furniture. Then, to accentuate the rustic look, you can choose the shabby colors. For the details, you might choose fewer decorations for the cabinet, but the iron handle or knob for the cabinet’s doors can be a good idea. Shaker kitchen cabinets in a simple design will enhance your kitchen look. Through its simplicity, the cabinet can blend and match to any furniture and decorations around.

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Beside the rustic style, you also can choose this cabinet design for the modern kitchen. Furthermore, it is fit for a modern and minimalist look. The clean and straight lines are made in a stylish look. You can choose glass doors for airy look and stainless steel handle for a chic touch. The simple details make the cabinet look stunning. For modern design, you can choose natural wood colors or even the monochromatic ones like white or black for a neutral look. Therefore, shaker kitchen cabinets also can be chosen for the modern kitchen. With the nice cabinet design, the kitchen will be more convenient for you to cook and prepare the food.

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