Funny Kitchen Cabinet Design for Happy Cooking

The main function of a kitchen is for cooking, but with the big number of additional function is coming up. The kitchen is also a place for dinner, hang out, and even to host a family party. Having a family member that love to cook and spend many times in kitchen means that the design of kitchen supposes to be spacious, accessible, and kid friendly. This is not only the design of kitchen which will ease to cook but also the kitchen cabinet design. Kitchen cabinet has many styles by the kitchen style. The classic kitchen style will mostly use the wooden cabinet with full ceiling design when the modern style has at least two options to use steel floating cabinet or open shelves. The both options from modern design and classic design can be used for a family with a cooking hobby.

Pull out racks for kitchen cabinet design idea

The idea of pull – out racks comes from the need to save some space in your kitchen. How to design the pull – out racks is usually put under the kitchen serving Cabinet, constructed with a wooden cabinet door, and pull – out handle and inside there will be the slim rack. The slim type of rack is commonly used to store the spices. Quite lazy to move your step to reach the spices you need to prepare your family dinner, this idea of pull – out racks eases you to enjoy your cooking time. Additional kitchen cabinet design that will ease the reach to kitchen utensils also include the shelf under kitchen serving where you store spoon, forks, and knifes. Rather than storing the knife by knife holder which a little less kid friendly, this kitchen cabinet design can keep it safe.

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The other helping idea for kitchen cabinet design is also to separate the tall cabinet for food fridge and wide cabinet for beverage and winery utensils. Why? First, smell that might change the beverage taste. Second, the flow around the kitchen will be a little chaos when you cook, and your partner would prepare the drinks. So it will be better have separate cabinet based on the function. Additional island kitchen table can also be the limitation between the space for cooking and space for dining and drinking. Even though some kitchen prefers to combine the bar, kitchen table, and dining table together, but the function is different, so at least kitchen cabinet design can be separated so the flow of activity in preparation step will not over lapping one to another.

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